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  1. Weakened government agencies. The amount of work the Biden administration got dumped in their laps after Trump left office in this area alone is staggering. The amount of chaos the Trump administration caused has weakened us as a nation not just in areas of health, something most of us know about, but agricultural policy, economic policy, climate change policy. “I worry just because this last administration has gone away and we have a new administration,” Mr. Sinks said, “it doesn’t mean in four years, or in eight years or in 12 years, that we won’t have another group of people in there who are trying to undermine the facts and use ‘alternative facts’ to create a reality that isn’t there.”
  2. Trump got impeached for withholding aid to Ukraine while trying to strong arm President Zelensky. He wanted President Zelensky to spread propaganda that Ukraine not Russia interfered in the 2016 election. He ousted our ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. He removed Alex Vindman. Finally he placed Giuliani in a position where President Zelensky was forced to go through him to relay anything to Trump.
  3. Trump’s dismal understanding of foreign affairs created chaos in the withdraw from Afghanistan. His signed an agreement with the Taliban to leave the county by May of 2021, but Taliban had to stop attacks against American and coalition forces. And then he did nothing to promote a peace deal between the Taliban and the Afghan government. In the meantime he made it nearly impossible for those who help military forces get out of harms way, that is, interpreters and their families, or women who had gained status and power, or ordinary Afghans who fought against the Taliban.
  4. Trumps betrayal of the Kurds. Again, Trump’s absolute lack of foreign experience put lives in danger.
  5. Trump’s hatred for protests against his administration. It didn’t matter that peaceful protests are part of what makes democracy healthy. He was angry at the protests in Minneapolis after the killing of George Floyd, and wanted to bring in troops, but Governor Walz stopped him. Those who marched with the chant ‘Jews will not replace us.’ in Charlottesville VA however, were very fine people. Those who threatened civil war as statues leaders in the Civil War came down, were praised. Proud Boys and Oath Keepers found a friend in Trump while Bill Barr ordered troops in for a Trump photo op, when a peaceful protest occurred in DC.
  6. The insurrection. Starting June 9th we will hear how much Trump did to remain in power. It was power he never should have been granted and in the end when the people of the US voted against him, he simply gathered his cronies, his mafia, around him and they devised ways, NOT A WAY, but ways to remain in power. He threatened Vice President Pence, in an effort to make the electoral vote go his way. Pence remained. He wouldn’t leave with the Secret Service and the electoral votes were counted. Trump threatened Georgia. Just find 11,000 votes. Some in Congress helped. This is not how a democracy functions. This is how a democracy falls. And it came very close to falling. Too close.




I am a writer and an historian who understands our past just enough to know that who we are, can be altered in a decade’s time. Or in mere minutes.

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Jeanne Shields

Jeanne Shields

I am a writer and an historian who understands our past just enough to know that who we are, can be altered in a decade’s time. Or in mere minutes.

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